TJ Maxx Haul

TJ Maxx Haul

News flash: I'm obsessed with TJ MAXX. The hardwood floors. The recently updated boutique vibes. The featured products sitting right at the front welcoming me back from last weeks visit.

As soon as I walk in, I'm motivated to find my next gem! TJ Maxx has so much to offer without depleting my bank account. I get to satisfy my shopping urges, consequence free. PRAISE HIM. This month I picked up several items that left me wanting more (what else is new) Here's the breakdown:

Advanced Clinicals Dark Spot Corrector($5.99) :

For the last 7-8 months my skin has been less than appealing. What I believe to be hormonal acne, has been going ham and I've been breaking out like crazy with cystic acne (bumps that are large and painful that DOESN'T come to a head; they leave crazy scarring). While I'm still trying to combat the actual breakouts, I've been able to get ahead on the residual dark marks. I have an arsenal of products that contribute to my efforts, one of them being a recent TJ Maxx find. I've seen this brand in TJ's before but never paid it any mind. I threw this specific product in my cart while doing some more browsing and took a moment to look up some reviews online. For 6 bucks, I was willing to take a chance. This combined with another staple in my skin care arsenal has made a difference. Which is hard to notice considering I'm still experiencing some breakouts that end up leaving a brand spanking new dark mark. However, this has helped blur and diminish the older ones. I'm excited to see how it goes with consistent use over the next couple of months.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit- DEEP ($19.99):

Um, I found this kit at TJ Maxx for less than half of the retail price. My cheeks have been chiseled and my dark spots Anything else?

Measurable Difference Hyaluronic Acid 4% ($3.99) :

I have found a few products that I absolutely love by Measurable Difference. Their makeup products are eh-eh, however their skin and body products are some of my staples in my day to day routine. I saw this little guy and was intrigued, more so by the packaging than the actual product itself. I threw it in my basket and did some research on Hyaluronic Acid while I continued my shopping. In the recent months, I've been all about my skin because of the party cystic acne has been having on my face. TURNUH. I'm all about dark spot correction and hydration so I was fascinated to find that this acid does the exact opposite of what you would think. It's a humectant that keeps the skin plump and hydrated. SIGN ME UP. The acid is actually found in our bodies and helps retain moisture and plump the appearance of skin. MELANIN + HYDRATION= black don't crack^2.

OPI- I Cannoli Wear OPI ($3.99)

Depending on the time of the year and your local store, TJ MAXX has an expansive nail polish collection. From brands like ORLY to Essie to OPI, the selection is pretty impressive. Here's the thing, OPI can have my hard earned dollars any time but why not cop at a lower price?! I love the brush on these polishes, I can achieve salon quality at home if I dedicate the time. This past summer I discovered the shade "I Am What I Amethyst". This is the shade of my life, it's so shady yet vibrant but also costs about 9 buckeroos.  This shade is the next best thing until I get my little piggies to my favorite salon.

Superfacialist Vitamin C Skin Renew Cleansing Oil ($7.99)

I picked this up in desperation of help for my face. I go into depth about its greatness in my skin routine post. Find it here and thank me later. With bread. Not money, but actual bread.



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